Chapati Machine

Export Quality Chapati Equipments

Advantages and Features

First fully automatic, compact, single unit machine to produce home-like chapaties in most hygienic way. Best suited for Industrial Canteens, Residential School, Hospitals, Hotels and Hostels.

1. Simple, rugged and very compact deign requires no special skills to operate.
2. As the machines follow our traditional chapati making process (Peda Making / Rolling / Baking on both sides), the Chapaties are soft & tasty.
3. Uses L.P.G for heating & temperature is automatically maintained, giving consistent quality.
4. All parts coming in contact with dough and chapati are made of Food grade aluminium, Stainless Steel 304 and Teflon.
5. Parts which need cleaning can be opened and reassembled quickly.
6. You can just weight, size, thikness and browning on each side of Chapati.
7. Optional Chapati cooling conveyor and buttor applicator available.