Hot Water Boilers

For Hotels, Lodging/Boardings, Hostels, Wedding Halls, Laundries/Dairy and Food, Processing Units, Textile Units, Hospitals, Residential Schools.

When it comes to high efficiency water heaters, no one comes close to matching the expertise and innovation of Nirmala Trading Corporation. Whether you need a gas, an electric, or a tankless water heater, the inventive minds at Nirmala Trading Corporation have one waiting for you.

Hot Water Boiler

INSTA-STEAM Non-IBR steam Boiler are available in various capacities from 100 Kg/hr to 850 Kg/hr and max. Working pressure upto 15 Kg/cm2.

INSTA-STEAM is designed for higher thermal efficiency 87(+/-)2% calculated on NCV either on LDO/FO.These boiler are vertical coil type,water tube,forced circulation designed to get steam instantly within 2-3 minutes after start up.

Larger combustion chamber volume.
Two blow downs provided to coil.
Compactness,Less floor space required.
Fully automatic in operation.
Saving in fuel and electicity.

The shell assembly consists of two concentric shells made out of Mild Steel CRC sheets with Aluminium radiator in between.
Helical concentric coil made out of B.Q. ERW tubes.
Economiser is provided to preheat the feed water.
Down firing type pressure jet burner.

No water switch.
Low steam pressure switch.
High steam pressure switch.
Blow down switch / bottom coil thermostat.
Indicator for no fuel.
Spring loaded safety valve.