Laundry Equipments

For Hotels, Hospitals, Laundries, Industrial Establishments, Textile Processors.

Wide range of laundry equipments applicable for Hotels, Hospitals, Residential schools and Commercial Laundrys.

Project Planning, Design, System Counselling, Installation, Training, Servicing.

Centrifuge (Hydro Extractor)

Fast Acceleration and High Speed Combined to give Low Residual Moisture.

Capacity Range: 8 Kg. to 50 Kg. (Per Charge)

Flat Work Ironer

For Drying and Finishing of Flat Linen,Ironer equipped with Energy saving system. Single Roll, Two Roll and Multiroll

Roll: Dia.:350mm, 400mm and 600mm
Length: 160mm to 3000mm


Hot Head, General Utility, Manual/ Pneumatic.
Suitable for Bosom Utility Appare. Rectangular, Oval, Collar Cuff and Yoke
Mode of Heating Electricity
Steam Operational Process Control Full Automatic
Mushroom, Semi-Automatic, Manual

Dry Cleaning Machine

For Traditional
Drycleaning of Garments
Industrial Articles
Finishing Treatment of Knitwear
Fulling, Reviving
Softening, Printing Pretreatment
5 Kg., 10 Kg.and 20 Kg. (Per Charge)

Tumble Dryer

For Drying Various Types of Textiles Also suitable for Bulking Softening, Relaxing Dryintg of Knitted Goods, Woven Fabrics, Sewen Terrycothes.

Capacitity Range:
10 kg. to 100 kg.(Per Charge)

Washing Machine

For Washing of Fabrics and Garments, Bleaching, Dyeing, Stone or Acid Washing.

Capacity Range:
10 Kg. to 300 Kg. (Per Charge)